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About The National Emergency Response Council on HIV/AIDS (NERCHA)

Overview of NERCHA

The National Emergency Response Council on HIV/AIDS (NERCHA) was established in 2001 in the Prime Minister’s Office and subsequently through an Act of Parliament (the NERCHA Act No. 8/2003) to oversee, coordinate and facilitate the national multisectoral response to HIV/AIDS. These are some of the key achievements made over the years:

  • Facilitated implementation of First Strategic Plan on HIV and AIDS 2000-2005 and three (3) subsequent plans.
  • Supported the successful implementation of impact mitigation measures particularly for orphaned and vulnerable children. 
  • Successfully spearheaded the internationally agreed Three Ones principle.
  • Since inception the national response is guided by a strategy developed through consensus. 3 successive plans have been developed, of which the eNSF is the fourth.
  • NERCHA has been Principal Recipient (PR) for the Global Fund since the inception of the Global Fund in the country.
  • Established partnerships to support delivery for the multisectoral response to HIV/AIDS.
  • Actively participated in mobilization of resources including the Global Fund.

 Overview of Info Centre

The need for an HIV and AIDS information depository in Swaziland was realized as early as 1999 and was re-affirmed by an Information Needs Assessment led by Healthlink International through the SIPPA programme in July 2004. The study revealed that available HIV and AIDS information was not shared widely enough among the relevant stakeholders. In response, NERCHA in 2007 established the National HIV and AIDS Information and Training Centre (Info Centre) which was mandated ‘To be a one-stop-shop for current and relevant HIV and AIDS information to targeted audiences in Swaziland, using multi-media information materials”.

Website: www.infocenter.nercha.org.sz

Facebook pages:



Areas of support for U-Report:

The immediate area of support will be coordinating the relevant people needed to provide answers to HIV related questions.

We will also provide Frequently Asked Questions for inclusion on the page as well as work with the NERCHA Strategic Information Unit to provide a regular update of statistical information on HIV in Swaziland.

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